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Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

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wild fun

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo offers fun for everyone. It is divided up into four exhibits including African Journey, Australian Adventure, Indonesian Rain Forest and of course the Central Zoo. Over a thousand animals reside in the zoo with fun learning experiences for each. 
The African Journey includes a safari adventure path as you see zebras, wildebeest, vultures, ostriches and more. The path eventually leads to the Kopje Rock Formations which house all sorts of creatures such as the hyena, bat-eared foxes, honey badgers and of course the African Lion. The African Journey also offers the Shady African Village where you can climb a 14 foot platform to feed a real Giraffe! The African Journey also includes a Sky Safari, where visitors can get a bird's eye view as they soar up in a ski-lift type ride.
The Australian adventure begins at the Train Station where you cross the tracks to enter the newly remodeled plaza. It includes an aquarium exhibit called the Reef where you can meet all sorts of clown fish, puffer fish, eels and more in its 20,000 gallon tank. Its impressive, but wait till you come face to face with sharks in our 50,000 gallon Shark Tank. See black-tip reef sharks, a zebra shark, and schooling fish! This plaza also includes three aviaries to display Australia's finest cockatiels, parrots, lorikeets, egrets, and more! Finish off your adventure by seeing their grey kangaroos and dingoes. For looking for a relaxing ride try the Crocodile Creek Adventure Ride where you can observe the outback in your own dugout canoe, no paddling required!

The Indonesian Rain Forest features exciting encounters such as the Komodo Dragon, the giant stick and walking leaf insects, and an aquarium featuring tentacled snakes and 18 feet of their reticulated python. Next is their domed jungle featuring colorful birds, turtles, and frogs enjoying their tropical paradise and beautiful waterfall. Visitors can even visit Orangutan Valley to hang out with the endangered Sumatran orangutans.  The adventure continues with a trek through Tiger Forest where you can spot the Sumatran Tigers prowling and down the Tree Top Trail to see Javan Gibbons play. This part of the park includes an Endangered Species Carousel and a Kid's Tree House for children who want to get a higher view.

The trip is incomplete, however, without visiting the central zoo. With places like Monkey Island, Sea Lion Beach, and the Parade of Penguins, any visitor is sure to have a blast. Also part of the Central Zoo is the Indiana Family Farm where visitor can brush a goat, meet a cow,  pump water from the well, and enjoy pony rides. To complete the experience visitors should definitely ride the Z.O.&O. Railroad, a 1860's miniature train ride.
Overall this zoo is a must-visit for anyone vacationing in Indiana. With so many family friendly activities and fun its sure not only to engage children, but the inner child within any visitor. Whatever your vacation plans are be sure to squeeze in this amazing zoo and the wild fun awaiting you there.