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Fort Wayne's

Famous Coney Island

Historic Hot Dogs

Fort Wayne's famous Coney Island began as a Coney stand on Calhaun Street in 1913, making it the oldest Coney stand in America. After it's huge success the stand became a restaurant on Main Street just a year later, in 1914. It is one of many Fort Wayne eateries established by Macedonians and its been run by their descendants ever since. Today, Jimmy Todoran, who worked at Coney Island when he was just 15, and Kathy Choka, the daughter of the previous owner, run this historic restaurant. The owners have kept true to what made Fort Wayne's Coney Island so successful over a hundred years ago. The menu and recipes have changed very little and because of that Fort Wayne's Coney Island has become a staple within the community.
They owe this not only to their food but also their service. As eager as the day it first opened, the servers are efficient and friendly despite their very small kitchen. This is possible because to many of the staff it is not just a job, but a family tradition. As the descendants of the original owners it is a right of passage to work at the family restaurant and to carry on the tradition of providing delicious food for their community.  
They serve close to 1500-2000 hot dogs a day. That is 70 pounds of hand chopped onions daily for their customers. Their Coney Hot Dogs are what made them famous and they are committed to keep their legendary hot dogs going. Though it's their most popular choice at only $1.50, they provide other delicious eats. They offer hamburgers, cheeseburgers, homemade chili soup, oven baked beans, and even slices of deliciously fresh Pies. Whatever you're craving, Fort Wayne's Famous Coney Island is definitely worth a try. Take a bite of not only a Coney Hot Dog, but of history in this over a century old restaurant. 
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